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Life Enrichment Programs

ResidentLifeActiveness and getting involved in the community is part of staying healthy and being happy.  We offer a wide range of activities to allow residents to be involved in things that interest them and make friends in the community.

At Hartsfield, our social Activity Director will ensure that you can spend the time doing things that you really enjoy and at your own pace. Whether it's rekindling past interest, satisfying present interest or just being introduced to a whole new array of activities that will add pleasure to your life, you feel like part of our family. Soon after a resident moves in, the Activity Director meets with the resident and talks about the resident's interests, things they enjoy doing and things they would like to try.

We provide a full schedule of entertaining, stimulating and therapeutic programs for all of our residents. Live music, weekly happy hour, outings to events and shows, daily exercise programs, bingo, card clubs, religious services, intergenerational gatherings, art canvas painting, gardening, and cooking classes are some of the activities one will find at Hartsfield Village.

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Our Residents

  • Meredith Adams Line

    Res Book Meet Meredith Adams
    I’m really comfy in the apartment that I have now and I have two sisters that I can visit all the time...

  • Audrey Huizenga Line

    Res Book Meet Audrey Huizenga
    They welcome your family members when they come and visit you...

  • Rita Graff Line

    Res Book Meet Rita Graff
    Wonderful people work at Hartsfield Village, everyone greets you with a smile and treats you with respect and kindness.

  • Guelda Klooster Line

    Res Book Meet Guelda Klooster
    Best of all about Hartsfield Village is the staff. They make our lives wonderful...

  • Lois Parbst Line

    Res Book Meet Lois Parbst
    What Lois likes most about Hartsfield Village, the safety and the people...

  • Jane Austgen Line

    Res Book Meet Jane Austgen
    My home was in the rural country...