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Question: Is the Memory Support Residence licensed?

Answer: Yes, the Memory Support Residence holds the distinction of being licensed by the State of Indiana under the regulations for Residential Care.

Question: Since the rooms are furnished, may a resident bring personal items?

Answer: Yes, the room may be personalized with a favorite chair or dresser, favorite lamps, pictures and photos.

Question: Are there meal choices?

Answer: Yes, the menu is identical to the dining options of Independent and Assisted Living. Assistance with selections and ordering is provided.

Question: Is there a doctor who visits residents in Memory Support?

Answer: Yes, there is a Medical Director who can serve as the resident's attending physician. Residents may also retain their personal physicians, with families taking them to the doctor's office for appointments, as needed. Or, the residents may engage a doctor who comes to Memory Support to see his / her patients.


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    I’m really comfy in the apartment that I have now and I have two sisters that I can visit all the time...

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    They welcome your family members when they come and visit you...

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    Wonderful people work at Hartsfield Village, everyone greets you with a smile and treats you with respect and kindness.

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    Best of all about Hartsfield Village is the staff. They make our lives wonderful...

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    What Lois likes most about Hartsfield Village, the safety and the people...

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    My home was in the rural country...