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Question:  Is the Assisted Living licensed?

Answer:  Yes, the Assisted Living at Hartsfield Village holds the distinction of being licensed by the State of Indiana under the regulations for Residential Care.

Question: What are the entrance requirements?

Answer: Prospective residents complete an application, which includes not only personal information, but also medical information from the applicant's doctor. Also required is a pre-admission nursing evaluation by our nursing staff to determine an individual's exact needs and preferences.

Question: Is there a Hartsfield Village doctor on staff?

Answer: Yes, there is a Medical Director who can serve as the resident's attending physician. Residents may also retain their private physicians and visit them at their offices, when needed.

Question: Are visitors permitted and may someone spend the night?

Answer: Your family and friends are always welcome at Hartsfield Village. A guest may spend the night in your apartment, or may reserve a guest room for a nominal fee in Independent Living, which is connected and just a short walk.

Question: Can residents have a car?

Answer: Yes, the car can be parked in one of the outdoor areas. However, residents may continue to utilize our scheduled transportation if they choose.


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  • Meredith Adams Line

    Res Book Meet Meredith Adams
    I’m really comfy in the apartment that I have now and I have two sisters that I can visit all the time...

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    They welcome your family members when they come and visit you...

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    Wonderful people work at Hartsfield Village, everyone greets you with a smile and treats you with respect and kindness.

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    Best of all about Hartsfield Village is the staff. They make our lives wonderful...

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    What Lois likes most about Hartsfield Village, the safety and the people...

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    My home was in the rural country...